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Bargain! Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand

Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand

Product Description
Bosch jobsite 10in. table saw with Gravity-Rise wheeled stand boasts cutting-edge features for maximum accuracy, capacity and durability on the worksite. Smart Guard System protects user with modular blade guard and anti-kickback system. HP: 4, Amps: 15, Speed - No Load (RPM): 3650, Table Dimensions W x L (in.): 29 x 21 1/2, Blade Diameter (in.): 10, Arbor Size (in.): 5/8

  • Squarelock rip fence engineered for maximum trueness
  • Includes the new enhanced award-winning gravity rise stand by Bosch
  • Durable Sub-Base increases tool life by handling job-site abuse
  • Integrated carry handles increase portability
  • Single point bevel movement for consistent accuracy; 1-year warranty

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Need portable accuracy? This is it.
I wanted something portable yet accurate. I researched quite a few table saws online and read all of the consumer reviews before deciding on the Bosch. The first saw I got home and assembled was DOA. The power switch was kapoot. So I returned the saw and got a replacement - perfect.

First of all, I especially like the safety features. The riving knife works great, and the anti-kickback pawls can save your life. The rip fence is dead-on accurate. I'm still learning more about the rip fence with the side extended, but think I've figured this out. I can now confidently set the fence per the markings and get a reliable cut. The miter gauge works really well and feels very sturdy.

The gravity lift stand is pure genius and allows me to stow the saw in a corner when it's not needed. Setup takes less than 30 seconds including plugging this baby into a 120 Vac outlet. The soft-start motor is a thoughtful design feature too. The saw's motor runs loudly enough to let you know it means business. I have a friend who nearly sawed his hand in two while vacuuming his shop and he didn't notice that his saw got turned on, so the loud motor isn't really detrimental to me.

On the rear of the saw is the electrical cord storage area, a very handy push stick (safety first!) and the saw dust exhaust port. This port connects directly to my shop vac and I'd say that better than 90% of the dust is captured into the vacuum. If you don't connect a dust collector, this port spews dust a good distance, probably around 8 feet or so.

The saw's construction put metal where it is needed, and sturdy plastic where it is not. This makes the saw light enough to be carried around if you choose not to use the lift stand. But this stand is so good, so portable, and so sturdy, you will want to use it.

So despite my first disappointment with a defective power switch, my overall satisfaction with this saw is extremely high. After using a small 8" bench table saw for over 25 years, now I feel like I've graduated to the major league and can make saw dust with the best of them. This saw has raised the quality of my work due to its accuracy and power. Nice job Bosch.

Bosch table saw
I recently bought this saw at Lowe's when my 26+ year old full-size Craftsman table saw died for the last time. I have a small workshop--12x16, and this saw takes up soooooo much less space. It is so much quieter and smoother than the old saw. Wish I had purchased it long ago. It was a little tricky getting the stand to open and close until I did it a few times. The only complaint I have is that my old dado blade will not fit unless I remove the lower blade shield.

Bosch Table Saw 4100-09
Good saw for home use. Came with a good blade. Safety features are fairly easy to use (and remove when needed). The only real issue I have is that the miter gauge is loose in the slot. I fixed it with a dozen drops of super glue along one side to make the guide about 1/64" wider. Now it's tight. Shouldn't have to do that for this kind of money. I wish all the manufacturers would drop the t-slot.

Great Saw - Get it NOW!!!
This is a great saw - everything was perfect out of the box. I had gone to a big box store to get a feel for the product and both places had the gravity stand fastened to tight - so I was not crazy about the stand.When I followed the directions for assembly of the stand it ended up perfect - folding and unfolding with little effort -my wife tried it and even she was impressed!!

I love the way all the accesories including the saw guard have a storage point!

Soft start is great - no more blown circuits like I had with my previous portable. Crosscuts and rips great - I recently ripped 8' of 1 1/4" Cherry - no problem.

Bought all the accesories to got with it - the outfeed extension works great.

Pretty Decent Saw, Fence Sticks a Little
The Bosch saw seems to work quite well for a table saw. I've had it for about a year. It's easy enough to move around because of the stand, makes straight cuts, and is reasonably adjustable. The guard is easy to remove if you need to, the blade is easy to change, and it's easy to adjust the angle of the blade.

This was my first table saw (since the one I used with my dad as a kid), so I don't have too much to compare it to. I can say that adjusting the fence is a bit cumbersome - it doesn't want to glide smoothly for me. Not a big deal, and may be par for the course with table saws.

The only other negative I can think of is the way the stand works - you have to bend over to lift the bar to wheel it easily, and raising/lowering it isn't the most intuitive thing in the world (I almost never drop it down as it just stays in my garage).

The saw itself works/cuts well. My wife used it with little difficulty (she made some bookshelves). You'll want to replace the stock blade on it, though. (After doing some research, I got a Forrest Woodworker I 10" 60 tooth blade. Just got it and haven't used it yet, but it's supposed to be an exceptional blade. I installed it in the Bosch with no trouble.)

I bought the saw locally instead of on Amazon, but I've bought other big-ticket items from Amazon before and haven't had any trouble.

I have no regrets on the purchase, and recommend the saw. You can only buy quality once - it's worth it to spend a little more to get a product that you'll be able to use for years than some piece of junk you'll have to replace.

As a final side note - I also have a DeWalt Double-Bevel Compound Mitre Saw (DW716, I think. Absolutely love it, by the way.). It gets much more use than the table saw - it's much more frequent for us to have to make quick/small/angled cuts than for long rips. Make sure you're getting the right tool for what you need.

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